Ways and Means

For those of us working behind the scenes, the financial aspects of operating a non-profit are perhaps the most challenging. We try to make the financial realities accessible for our donors as well as the public, because it is they who in the end support PMI, with their Pledges and Contributions.

Finding sources of funding to support a non-profit is an important and never ending task, but just as important is open accountability for the use to which those funds are put, once received. Many of us came to an EarthReligious perspective out of disappointment with the practices of some more Mainstream Religious Organizations, and as often as not, that disappointment was with financial accountability. And even within Alternative Religious Organizations, it is all too common that matters of money are not openly discussed, or the relationship between the non-profit and its privately-help sister organization is not revealed.

We believe it is of utmost importance that any non-profit operate within the following principles:

  • That you be assured your financial support is received by a true non-profit.
  • That your support will not inure to the private profit of any individual.
  • That your support will be accounted for with the professionally-accepted principles of non-profit accounting practice.
  • That the organization in no way acts to “feed business” to a privately-held, for profit business, especially if officers of the non-profit have an ownership interest in that business.

We are proud of the efforts that this organization has made to make our financial process as open as possible, and our ongoing work towards achieving these goals. As time goes by, we learn more about non-profit operations and we will continue do our best to put it into practice.

It is our goal to become a standard of excellence in the administration of an EarthReligious non-profit.

We believe you have the right to nothing less from any non-profit organization that you choose to support.

The Executive Board of Directors
The Persian Ministries International, Inc

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