Excerpted from Charisma Magazine/June 2004


1.  Use the Word of God
Muslims respect the sacred books: the Law of Moses, the book of Psalms, the Gospels and the Quran. Let the work of God speak for itself. The Gospels are the best portions to start with, particularly Matthew and Luke.

2. Be constantly in prayer.
It is the Holy Spirit who wins people's hearts to Christ. Seek His guidance and power as you present the Word.

3. Be a genuine friend.
Saying, “Hello. How are you?” isn't enough. If you really care, show it by inviting Muslims to your home, sharing your time and helping with their problems.

4.  Ask thought provoking questions.
Help them to reach their own conclusions about the gospel.
Good questions to ask are:

  • Do you have assurance that God will accept you?
  • What does the Quran teach about forgiveness?
  • May I show you what the Bible teaches?
    Questions like these show that you have an interest in the important things of life.

5. Listen attentively.
When you ask a question, courtesy requires that you listen to the answer no matter how long it takes. You'll be surprised at how much you'll learn.

6. Present your beliefs openly.
State what you believe clearly and without apology, showing Scripture passages that support those teachings. Thus, you place the responsibility for doctrine where it belongs—on the Word of God. Talk about sin and how it affects our lives. Say: “Sin is the biggest problem in our world today. How do we deal with sin?” A person who is living in sin hates himself. He is an enemy to himself. Most Muslims recognize that they are living in sin, but they don't know how to get forgiveness. Tell them how Jesus forgives sins.

7. Reason: don't argue.
Argument may win a point but lose a hearing. There are some points on which you can argue forever without achieving a thing, except closing a mind against you.

8.  Never denigrate Muhammad or the Quran.
This is as offensive to them as speaking disrespectfully about Christ or the Bible is to us.

9. Respect their customs and sensitivities.
Don't offend by:

  • putting your Bible (a holy book) on the floor
  • speaking too freely about sex (Muslims don't speak about sex; it is considered dirty.)
  • appearing too familiar in casual relationships with the opposite sex. refusing hospitality
  • making jokes about sacred topics such as fasting, prayer or God offering them pork or alcohol.

10. Persevere.
Muslims have a lot of rethinking to do when they are confronted with the gospel. But rest assured that the word of God will do its work in His good time. Above all, be humble. Speak with love. This will make a way for you. After a Muslim prays for salvation, you cannot end your relationship with them. This is the beginning of a very important time of discipleship. Without extra attention, the new Muslim convert is very likely to be drawn back into Islam.