The Door is Wide-opened!

For hundreds of years Islam has had the door locked shut on Muslims under it's grip ... but there's change in the wind!!

Yes, a new day has dawned and now, right now, a strategic opportunity lies before us, and we dare not let it slip through our fingers! With Muslim populations growing on every continent (and over 7 million right here in America) we can see a world-wide reach with a message of peace and hope is needed! For the first time in modern history, there is an openness to whole concept of freedom and democracy in many of the Muslim countries of the world, and yet the battle for hearts and minds is being waged!

NOW IS THE TIME... for individuals who know first-hand of the saving power of Jesus Christ, and know the difference He can make in an individuals life, to join with us to reach Muslims around the world with God's liberating message of hope and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ! We are currently reaching nearly 30 million Muslims on a weekly basis!

NOW IS THE TIME... for individuals who are pro-democracy and who are adamantly against terrorism to stand as one in the strategic and non-violent battle for the hearts and minds of those who are under oppression and want a way out. We are educating them and equipping them to stand and stand free! Free from from radical Islamic ideology and rule.

"the door is wide-opened", let's walk through together arm-in-arm... for freedom's sake!

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