1. Less than a dozen ethnic groups in Persia have known believers among them. Pray for a Christian fellowship to be established in each of the estimated 70 ethnic groups. Pray that each people group will have opportunity to hear the Gospel in ways they can understand.
  2. Pray for people who live without Christ in each of the 26 provinces of Persia. Pray for the Kurdish peoples of the northwest Persia. Pray for the peoples of the Southeast—the Baluch and Brahui. There are few known believers among them.
  3. Pray for nomads who live in the Zagros Mountains of southwest Persia—Luri, Bakhtiari and Qashqa’l. Many are illiterate and speak an unwritten language. Pray for the effectiveness of recently developed radio broadcasts in their dialects. Pray that God would raise up workers to reach out to the tribal peoples of Persia.
  4. Pray that the closely related Turkic Azeri, Khorasani Turks and Turkmen of the north might be reached. Praise the Lord for the recently translated Azeri New Testament.
  5. Pray that God would raise up a Christian leader in every major city of Persia. Churches outside Tehran have particularly suffered. There are 178 towns and cities but just a handful of local churches. . Pray for leaders with vision and courage for planting new groups. Pray that the Gospel message will penetrate into the remote villages of rural Persia.
  6. Pray for the spiritual needs of religious minorities: Zoroastrians or Parsees, and Persian-speaking Jews. Pray that adherents of these groups find Jesus Christ.
  7. Pray for the training of Persian Christian workers. Some are trained in residential colleges outside Persia, and hundreds are studying via correspondence courses. Pray that indigenous worship styles will be birthed and that worship leaders would be raised up within the emerging churches.
  8. Pray that God will continue to multiply the number of people willing to be trained and be sent to work among the peoples of Persia. Pray for multiplication of Spirit-filled men and women who will have the courage to boldly witness and disciple Muslim background believers (MBBs).
  9. Bibles are in short supply within Persia. Pray for innovative and effective ways of distributing God’s Word and for a deep impact to be made. Christian Literature, when available within Persia, is much sought after. Pray for the impact of literature already distributed and that banning of Christian literature ministries may be ended. Pray that bibles and Christian literature would reach their destinations.
  10. Pray for translation teams to be raised up for the many languages spoken in Persia without the Bible. Pray for innovation in reaching those who speak an unwritten language. Pray for speedy completion of new translations of the scriptures, and for their wide distribution.
  11. Pray for the various Persian Christian radio and television programs being broadcast into Persia. Ask the Lord for continued cooperation among these ministries.
  12. Pray for Christian radio programs in the national language of Farsi to reach into remote villages as well as cities in Persia. Pray for the development of Programs in languages other than Farsi.
  13. The JESUS film is available in four languages spoken in Persia, with a further eight in process/research. Pray for the ongoing impact through this ministry.
  14. Pray that Christian Internet sites will draw Persians to Jesus Christ, www.farsinet.com. Pray for youth to know God and be used by Him to take the gospel of Christ to their nation.
  15. Pray that the present economic hardship in Persia will cause Muslims to seek after God and be open to the Gospel. Pray that Persia’s economic situation will improve. Registered unemployment is 16%, but probably five points below the true figure.
  16. Iranians battle daily to survive in economic recession. Pray for adequate income for Christians who are increasingly impoverished. Emigration is a solution, but their vital witness in needy Iran is lost. Pray that believers may break through this economic pressure and resist the temptation to leave.
  17. Pray for the younger generation to find their place and role in society. Two-thirds Iran’s 70 million people today are under 30, and half under 20. 1.8 million people turn 18 each year. Pray that job-creation would match the increase in the labor force.
  18. Praise God for the growing number of Muslims who are responding positively to the Good News. Pray that Muslims might come to know Jesus not only as the prophet, but also as Savior. Pray that God will provide places for these new believers to grow in their faith.
  19. Pray for the Lord to reveal Himself through His Word and supernatural events. Pray that many more Muslims will have dreams and visions of our Lord, and that through supernatural revelations, converts will have the faith and confidence needed to follow Christ.
  20. Pray for the authorities of Iran, including political leaders, local authorities, policemen, Imams, etc. that they might come to know Christ and have wisdom to rule their land with righteousness and justice. Pray that President Khatami will hear the Gospel, and will meet genuine believers.
  21. Muslim background believers keep their faith a deep secret. Pray for these secrets believers to be given boldness and wisdom in order to survive and minister. Pray that the Lord will sustain those who are persecuted. May they be protected and have freedom from fear as they experience the Lord’s presence.
  22. Several of Iran’s prominent church leaders were martyred in the mid-1990s. Pray for the families of these martyrs. Praise the Lord for their faithfulness despite hardships.
  23. Praise God for the thousands of Christians in Iran. Pray that churches within Iran will be able to find creative, discreet ways to increase growth. Pray for supernatural protection for the national Christians as they find opportunities to share their faith.
  24. Pray that Iranians will realize the destiny God has ordained for them, using their rich gifts of hospitality and servant hearts. Pray for revival to come among the ancient Eastern churches, many of which have their roots in the early church. Pray that Armenians, Assyrians, Chaldeans and others from Christian backgrounds will reach out to all Iranians.
  25. Pray that the door to Iran and its unevangelized millions may open once more. Pray for the Lord to open doors for Christian workers to enter the country.
  26. Pray for unity among national believers and between fellowships of believers. Pray for respect and an esteeming of diverse groups.
  27. Pray that the Lord would give a vision to Iranian believers living abroad to relocate to their new homeland and serve Him there.
  28. Pray that workers from various Christian groups around the world would successfully partner together in ministry to all the people groups of Iran. Ask the Lord to foster a feeling of equality within the many partners laboring together.
  29. Pray that Christians around the world will pray, plan and network together with Iranian believers in preparation for the day when open witness within the country of Iran will be possible.
  30. Pray for the families of the many thousands who were executed in the early years of the revolution. Pray also for the families who lost their sons killed in the Iran/Iraq war.
  31. Pray for Iran’s 200,000 officially acknowledged street children. Pray that the drug users in Iran will find the spring of water that never runs dry.
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