As you may know, the majority of Persian-speaking people live in areas or countries such as Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Southern part of Iraq where few to no Persian-speaking churches exist.

Through our online ministry, the “ Persian Christian Center”, we have been developing hundreds and distributing thousands of Persian Christian resources for evangelizing Muslims as well as for discipleship and leadership training of Muslim converts. Currently, we have resources such as the Bible in Persian language, both in audio and text format, as well as discipleship and correspondence courses. We have been using these resources online but now we are putting all these into our online ministry “the Persian Christian Center” or PCC. This year, we have doubled our effort for development of online sources in the Persian language. For people with no access to satellite, we also streamline our TV program on Internet.

“No Matter Where You Live Project” for 2005-2007

Through PCC we will make it possible for every person who speaks Persian to have a church experience. Here at PCC a visitor or member will be able to hear or watch Pastor Fareed live on Satellite. PCC will have the archive of our TV program as well as all the sermons and Bible study lessons Pastor Fareed has taught over the past 14 years. We will provide praise and worship songs and correspondence courses on this site. It will cost $1000 per month for 30 months to complete this project. Currently we are using this site for discipleship and leadership training. It costs $50 per month to train one Muslim convert through our Persian Christian Center 12 month discipleship program. This includes materials, training and counseling time through email and/or phone.


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