By sponsoring our Media Ministries you can partner with us and reach out to millions of Persian-speaking Muslims worldwide via secular pro-democracy Muslim satellite TV and Internet and local cable channels. We believe one of the most effective ways to reach Persian-speaking Muslims with the good news of Jesus Christ is through PMI Media Ministries. We broadcast 3 different programs:

  1. Evangelistic messages about the Gospel and democracy
  2. Sermons to build the body of Christ
  3. Christian lessons for personal bible-study, home groups and cell churches

Here is what we do! With a donation of:

  1. $1000 per month, PMI can reach 100,000 Muslim households & maintain two church plants in Iran.
  2. $500 per month, PMI can reach 50,000 Muslim households & maintain one church plant in Iran.
  3. $100 per month, PMI can reach 10,000 Muslim households.
  4. $50 per month, PMI can reach 5000 Muslim households.
  5. $25 per month, PMI can reach 2500 Muslim households.
  6. $10 per month, PMI can reach 1250 Muslim households.


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