Praise Report

For the Tremendous opportunity God has given PMI to:

  • Present the gospel and democracy to millions of Muslims through Muslim satellite TV and Internet.
  • Develop leaders and plant home churches inside Iran, the only Shiite Muslim country in the world.
  • Encourage and equip English-speaking churches to love and reach out to their Muslim neighbors.
  • Promote peace and understanding between Muslims and Christians and correct the misunderstandings that exist between them.
  • Bring awareness of the atrocities being committed by Iran’s radical regime, to the international community and to the Iranians themselves.

Prayers Request

  • Manpower - Please pray for additional workers. Luke 10:2
  • Finances - Please pray for funds to maintain projects. Phil. 4:17
  • Power - Please pray for us that we will move forward in the power and boldness of the Lord, clean vessels fit for His use, being found without spot or blemish.
  • The Islamic world is extremely difficult to penetrate with the Gospel. Fundamentalist Muslims are very outspoken, even militant against Christianity. Much prayer is needed to break down the barriers separating them from the Truth.
  • Pray for the persecuted church in Iran and for the salvation of over 100 million Persian-speaking people in Iran and around the world.

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