Do make it clear you are a follower of Christ, by your loving words and religious lifestyle.
Don’t assume your Muslim friend understands your meaning of “Christian”.

Do take time to build a relationship. Practice hospitality.
Don’t be surprised if you are rejected at first. Offer Muslim friends store-bought sweets. Avoid anything with pork or alcohol.

Do approach your encounters as a learner. Ask questions.
Don’t take notes an treat Muslim friends like and academic project.

Do correct their misunderstandings of your beliefs.
Don’t argue. If they want to debate with a Christian, refer them to the website

Do talk about Jesus. Use His title, Isa Al Masih.
Don’t insult the prophet Muhammad.

Do pray out loud with your Muslim friends. Ask if you can pray for their practical needs, healing, and worries. Look for opportunities and pray in Jesus’ name.
Don’t start your prayer with “Our Father…” because Muslims have a misunderstanding about the fatherhood of God (as sexual). Wait until you correct this misunderstanding before using “Father” or “Abba.” At first address your prayer to “Almighty God” or “Lord God.”

Do use your right hand in giving and receiving gifts.
Don’t use your left hand when eating food (especially when learning to eat with your hands). The left hand is for toilet cleaning; the right hand is for eating.

Do treat your Bible with respect. Store it on a high shelf. Some wrap it in a beautiful cloth.
Don’t put your Bible on the floor or in the bathroom as reading material. Many Muslims are superstitious about the bathroom.

Do be gender-sensitive: interact man to man, woman to woman.
Don’t allow any compromising situations, even just to protect from a possible rumor. And Arab proverb says, “A man and a woman alone together are three with the devil.”

Do observe body language. Take your shoes off when entering a home or place of prayer (especially if you see shoes at the threshold).
Don’t sit so that the sole of your foot or shoe is facing someone. Women, don’t look men directly in the eye, or at least quickly avert your glance.

Do practice modesty, even among Westernized Muslims. For women this is very important since family honor is tied to their behavior and reputation.
Don’t assume Muslims think the same as you, even if they dress the same.

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