About Rev. Donald Fareed:

The Story of
Donald Fareed:

a Former Muslim’s Quest to Transform
a Nation

A former Shi’ite Muslim, Reverend Donald Fareed is fulfilling his call to reach Muslims for Christ. An ordained minister and founding pastor of the Bay Area Persian Churches of San Mateo and Santa Clara, he is also the founder and president of Persian Ministries International(PMI).

Through his ministries millions of Muslims have heard the Gospel and thousands received Jesus Christ.

Fareed and the PMI team are determined to continue reaching out to the estimated 100 million Persian-speaking people of the world, the majority of whom live in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and the Southern part of Iraq. Fareed has teamed up with Muslim satellite television stations to broadcast a unique message of not only the gospel, but a message of democracy and religious freedom.

This is what some well-known news media have said about him:

“Ex- Muslim Seeks to Transform Iran with Christian Broadcasts” Agape Press

“Now he reaches about 30 million people each week …” Associated Press Breaking News

“… he works to bring others out of Islam and into the knowledge of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.” Crosswalk

“Unlike other Christian converts from Islam, he is not merely expressing spiritual ideas, but also core democratic ideals.” San Jose Mercury News

“His message promoted communication and understanding between Muslims and Christians after 9/11.” CBS 5 Eyewitness News

Today, PMI is involved in leadership training and House Cell Church planting inside Iran, where one of the largest house church movements in the Islamic world is growing among students, according to the December 4 issue of Voice of Martyrs.

Agape Press recently reported: “Persian Ministries International specializes in equipping the Church in America not only to understand Islam, but also to reach out to the Muslim community and communicate in a way that they can relate and understand.”

PMI equips interested church members to deepen their practical knowledge of ministering to all Muslims through PMI’s pulpit sermons and seminars.

Sermon topics include:

  • Why I am Not a Muslim! -- Covering Rev. Fareed’s personal journey to Christ. Islam and Democracy. Islam and Christianity.
  • They Are Coming. Are You Ready? -- The current revival in the Muslim world. Understanding Islam and Muslims. Muslims in North America.
  • A 4,000 Year Old Hatred. Ishmael and Isaac -- The Bible and Islam. Fundamentalism, Jihad and the Western world. Biblical prophecy, terrorism and end times.

Possible Follow-up Seminars include:

Islamic Worldview, Muslim Awareness, Reaching out to Muslims in North America, Church Planting among Muslims, How to Respond to the 7 Deadly Questions Muslims Ask and many more!

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