Internet Resources on Islam

Searches on “Islam” will provide numerous sites giving radically different points-of-view, from official Islamic propagation to extreme, anti-Muslim postures. Christian witness should be like “salt,” not pouring it on thick, but tastefully sprinkling truth through relationships of trust. In the same way, our lives must reflect God’s light like an attractive sparkling candle, not a searchlight trying to expose faults. It is important to “speak the truth in love,” and to remember the role of the Holy Spirit in bringing conviction to the hearer. With these guiding principles in mind, the following resources are brought to your attention, with some cautions and disclaimers:

CAUTION: This site has a wealth of scholarly and well-documented information, along with its sister site,, but too much knowledge may be counter-productive in friendship evangelism with Muslims. These resources originate from a ministry of ongoing dialog and debate with Muslim fundamentalists at the official ‘free speech corner” in London. More than one nominal Muslim, put on the defensive by the debate approach, has been driven deeper into Islam. Nevertheless, these sites can provide documented facts when needed. Since they represent the way of the head more than the heart, use with balance and caution., from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), is more political than religious, with a particular sensitivity to anti-Semitism, and provides translations of current publications from all over the Muslim world. By revealing how Islamic leaders communicate to their own constituency MEMRI exposes extremists and makes them accountable to world opinion. It also is a platform to encourage the voices of moderation.

CAUTION: Such exposure can lead to defensive over-reaction, reinforced stereotypes, and increased fear. Still, this resource is helpful to gain an understanding of variant Muslim worldviews and how they portray the West. If used with wisdom. MEMRI can be a means of effective listening in order to develop a more perceptive approach to your Muslim friend.

Perspectives on the World of Islam (PWI) features a 12-session course held at locations across the nation. Patterned after the popular Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (, each PWI session features an expert speaker, including some Muslim teachers. You can find current information and an explanation on how to arrange the course in your area.

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