Why I Am Not A Muslim?

  • Covering the Founder of PMI’s Personal Journey to Christ
  • Islam and Democracy
  • Islam and Christianity

They Are Coming! Are You Ready?

  • The Current Revival in the Muslim World
  • Understanding Islam and Muslims
  • Muslims in North America

A 4000 Years Old Hatred

  • Ishmael and Isaac
  • The Bible and Islam
  • Fundamentalism, Jihad and the Western World
  • Biblical prophecy, Terrorism and the End Times

What Every Christian Should Know about Islam

  • Christian Response to Muslims
  • What Does the Bible Say About Islam
  • Sharing Your Faith in a Way they can Understand

Muslims, Friends or Foes? (NEW)
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Why I am not a Muslim?

What are the fundamental truths about Islam?

Are they friends or foes?

How Christ is changing the Muslim world?

What if we don’t reach them NOW?


  • Islamic Worldview
  • Christian Response to Muslims
  • Muslims Awareness
  • Reaching out to Muslims in North America
  • Reaching the Muslim World
  • Church Planting among Muslims
  • How to Respond to the 7 Deadly questions Muslims Ask

Understand the Muslim Mind & Connect to Muslim Heart (NEW)
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