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Islam is not simply a religious ideology; it also encompasses a political philosophy that seeks to conform every aspect of a society to Shar'ia law. Since the 1979 revolution, the nation of Iran has experimented with the implementation of Sharia law that resulted in an oppressive regime which has little respect for many human rights we in the U.S. hold dear. Young Iranians who grew up under this oppressive force are leaving Islam by the multitudes and are seeking alternatives.  But in their mind, it is impossible to separate religion and politics.  In presenting the good news of Jesus, we must also spell out how Biblical principles impact a political system. The Biblical teaching of man's sinful nature dictates a government with a division of powers with embedded checks and balances. The Gospel's appeal to heartfelt faith implies that a society must allow religious freedom of practice without the severe external constraints common in Sharia-based societies. Iranian's are hungry for both spiritual and political alternatives.  PMI stands poised to provide those answers.

As a former Iranian Shiite Muslim who embraced the religious freedom offered in the U.S. and converted to Christianity, Pastor Fareed offers a unique alternative to the “problem” of Iran.  For the past several years, he has consistently spoken against atrocities committed by the extremist Islamic government, boldly preached the gospel, and has urged Iranians to press for religious freedom through non-violent means.  Such a three-prong strategy has proven effective in seeing tens of thousands of Muslims come to faith in Christ and millions more mobilized to challenge the insanity of the current Iranian regime from within.

Please download our "Iranian Ripple Effect" master plan to catch a comprehensive glimpse of our two-prong strategy to see both Christian revival and political reform in the heart of the Middle East.